"3-G" by OPP

"3-G" by OPP (translation:  Glorious Glaze Graphics by Owen Phifer Powers, age 3)
Glazing Tracks 
From the very moment that I decided to start incorporating toys to create texture and movement in my clay sculptures, I knew that my son was going to be a major player both on the scene and behind it.  First and foremost , it gives me a chance to spend time with him, teach him, but mostly just facilitate him and cheer him on as he makes masterpiece after masterpiece.  If you've ever watched a young child paint or draw then you know how amazing and uninhibited it is.  There joy and creativity know no boundaries, not even the edges of the paper... they just go to it.  Owen even closes his eyes sometimes and tilts his head up as he paints and just feels it.
In this picture, OPP takes his graphics to the streets and there were no cop cars to stop the colorful mayhem that ensued.  He's never seen me pass a stopped school bus, probably got it from his mother.