Functional Pottery

I consider functional pottery and sculpture a very important part of my work for many reasons.  I grew up just outside the Westmoore & Seagrove area of North Carolina where wheel thrown pottery has a rich history and genealogy.  My grandmother, Faye Powers, loved traditional pottery not just for the functional purpose that it served in her home growing up but for the personal connection each piece had to the hands of its creator.  She had a huge, beautiful collection of pottery from the Owens’ Family and Teague Family, some purchased but many given as a token of friendship and a recognized appreciation she had for their work.

Another reason I love functional pottery is that people who purchase it and even use it get to handle it and actually feel it.  I use lots of different textures and finishes so when you carry around one of my bowls or drink from one of my mugs, you are able to get the full Johnny Glaze experience as you run your finger tips along the surface carvings, impressions, and slip trails.

Here are some examples of the pottery I have created on the wheel and hand built with slab or coils… It’s really just a very small sample; expect this product line to grow in size and character over the next 4 months since I will have more time in and around the clay studio.  I might even be fortunate enough to work with some established potters back home around Westmoore and here in my new town, Pittsboro.