Maria's Marketing Vetoes

This is where Johnny Glaze's "Marketing Missiles" get shot down by his beautiful and supportive wife, Maria, before they hit their target market.  I get so excited when I come up with what I think are brilliant ideas for a product line or promotions, I forget to think about possible double meanings that my message might contain.  Ok, who am I kidding, it is the double meaning that I think is so funny or clever which is why I run to share the idea with her.  These are all ideas that ended with a crazy look from her and a simple "No."  Followed by either:  "What's wrong with you? Or "Have you lost your mind?"  I just lost the best advertising strategy ever is what I just lost... I just got vetoed. 


I'm not putting them on here for your viewing pleasure or so you can steal them for your own product peddling...  I'm putting them on here so that you can tell Maria how awesome they are!  Can't I at least pretend that this is a democracy and give you the chance to vote it in.  That's right; cast your vote here and now.  Vote it in so I can look her in the eye and say triumphantly... "Sorry Ma-dukes, the people have spoken!"